Mission Statement

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Ancora High School was conceptualized by educators who foresee the value of online learning for students of all ages. Ancora High School exists to assist our customers by providing the highest quality digital learning. Our goal is to provide the best online adult high school in the country.

Our Mission

The Mission of Ancora High School is to inspire and empower individuals through education and skill development. To accomplish this mission, we utilize our core values as a blueprint to create an environment centered on the personal and academic development of students.


Our Vision

Ancora High School is committed to becoming a nationally recognized online high school for individuals seeking opportunities to complete a high school diploma.

Our Core Values

Ancora High School’s Core Values are utilized to create positive educational experiences for adults seeking opportunities to complete a high school education. These Core Values are grounded in:

  • Integrity – We believe everything starts and ends with integrity. Mastery of this value will ensure that all decisions are made in line with compliant practices.
  • Excellence – We believe that excellence is the foundation in all we do. We have established high standards of performance for students, course coaches, and staff. We are results-oriented and believe using both quantitative and qualitative measurements provide the foundation for excellence expected of students, course coaches, and staff.
  • Customer Service – We believe every interaction is an opportunity to exceed the expectations of students, co-workers, and all stakeholders. Placing value in exemplary customer service is worth the investment and attention.
  • Innovation – We believe we should always look for new and exciting ways to improve our educational and employee programs. Innovation balances new things with doing tried and true things better.