Curriculum Details

Our Elective courses help students broaden their knowledge and skill sets. Students must complete four of the required courses to fulfill their Elective credits.

Critical Thinking (1 credit)


In this course, students are encouraged to become critical thinkers. We will cover dealing with everyday challenges and the functions of thinking critically.

We Will Cover:

  • Everyday Challenges
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Factors and Outcomes of Critical Thinking
  • Functions of Thinking Critically 

World Geography (1 credit)


Learn about the influence of geography on the past and present. This course focuses on the effect of people, places, and the environment. 

We Will Cover:

  • Patterns in The Physical Environment

  • Cultural Patterns of Regions
  • Climates
  • Ecosystems
  • Major Landmarks
  • The World Population
  • Public Policies
  • Technology and Human Modifications

Introduction to Film History (1 credit)


What makes for a great film? This course introduces students to the history of film from the 1180s to today.

We Will Cover:

  • Early Cinema
  • Late Silent Film
  • Sound Cinema
  • The Post-War Era
  • Contemporary Cinema
  • New Media
  • Digital Technology

Nutrition (1 credit)


Eating healthy can change your life for the better. In this course, students will learn the basics of a balanced diet.

We Will Cover:

  • Current Nutrition Research
  • Nutritional Recommendations
  • Consumer-Oriented Knowledge
  • Basics of Nutrition

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