Foreign Language

Curriculum Details

Our Foreign Language courses help students advance their Spanish-speaking skills. Students must complete the two required courses to fulfill their Foreign Language credits.

Spanish I (1 credit)


This course introduces students to basic Spanish words and phrases. Students will begin to learn Spanish speaking, writing, reading, and more.

We Will Cover:

  • Basic Spanish Vocabulary
  • Beginner Phrases
  • Writing in Spanish
  • Speaking in Spanish
  • Reading Spanish Texts
  • Simple Spanish Conversations

Spanish II (1 credit)


In this course, students will take their Spanish skills to the next level. Spanish II teaches students how to form more advanced sentences and conversations.

We Will Cover:

  • Spanish Sentence Structure
  • Intermediate Spanish Conversations
  • Advanced Spanish Speaking
  • Applications of Spanish Phrases and Vocabulary
  • Understanding Complex Spanish texts
  • Spanish Grammer and Syntax

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