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7 Benefits of Adult Learners Obtaining Their High School Diploma

What are the benefits of having a high school diploma? As an adult active in the career force, it can be easy to wonder if going back to school will affect your future, but a high school education can be beyond impactful to countless areas of your life. No matter if you’re in need of more career opportunities, increased earnings, or even a higher quality of life, getting your high school diploma can help guide your many aspirations. 

At this point in your journey, it’s normal to have concerns or doubts about going back to school. In order to calm your nerves, we put together the top 7 benefits of a high school diploma. Let’s get started.

1. Better Situated for Employment

As we enter 2023, the unemployment rate is hitting a 53 year low at 3.4 percent. This means jobs are already difficult to come by for people of any education level. A high school diploma is essential to stand out in the job market and improve your job hunt success. There were over three times more jobs available for high school graduates in comparison to those who had dropped out of high school or lack a diploma. 

2. Faster Progression on Career Path

What goals do you have for your career journey? Beyond access to more jobs, another benefit of having a high school diploma is the ability to earn promotions within a shorter timeframe. Many employers require a high school diploma when looking at who to promote internally. If your career goals align with leadership, administrative, or managerial positions, a high school diploma helps you get beyond entry-level positions and level-up your career.

3. Potential for Increased Earnings

One of the clear benefits of having a high school diploma is increased earning potential and higher salaries throughout your career. High school graduates earn an average of about $10,000 more each year than those without a high school diploma. A higher income means you’ll be better able to support yourself and your family while managing for those unexpected expenses. 

4. Higher Quality of Life

Through the ability to pursue higher paying, more fulfilling careers, a high school diploma can help individuals stay out of poverty and achieve a happier lifestyle. As of 2020, 24.7% of people without a high school diploma aged 25 and older were within the poverty level. Most jobs require a high school diploma, and without one higher paying jobs may be out of reach. A high school diploma opens doors that make financial stability and higher quality of life easier. 

5. Increased College and Trade School Acceptance

Speaking of advancements, a high school diploma is commonly required for college and trade school admissions. A high school education shows dedication to learning and previous success. 

6. Sets A Great Example For Your Family

The impact of a high school diploma expands beyond your own benefit. Children are more likely to complete their education when their parents have done the same. If a child knows their parents hold high academic expectations for their future, they will strive to accomplish these goals. By following through and achieving your goals, your children will be motivated to follow in your footsteps. 

6. Sense of Accomplishment

Committing to going back to school is a big step and the achievement of a high school diploma can boost your self-worth and self-confidence. Going back to school allows you to have more trust in your abilities and grow your skills. Not to mention, you can feel more confident having life-long skills of math, English, science, history, and time-management in your wheelhouse. 

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