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Alternatives to Traditional High School for Adult Learners

You’ve decided to go back to school and earn your high school diploma, but the question is: how? As an adult learner, it can be difficult to find a learning environment that meets your needs and aligns with your busy schedule. Traditional high schools have structured schedules, and strict deadlines, some even have restrictions against adult enrollment. 

So, where can adult learners turn to complete their education, and kick-start their careers? Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional high school that are designed for the needs and schedules of adult learners. Let’s dive into the three most common alternative high schools for adults. 

Online High School

One of the most common alternatives to traditional high school is online high school. These digital programs for adult learners offer the same courses, subjects, and opportunities than in-person high schools. 

Supportive Learning Environment

Some people think online education is less supportive. Ancora High School is anything but. Our qualified course coaches, student success champions, and premiere customer experience helps support the needs of adult learners.  Students can feel confident in their ability to learn the required course material. 

Flexible Timeline

Another major benefit of online high school is its unbeatable flexibility and convenience. While traditional high schools stick to strict deadlines and course structure, online high school allows adult learners to advance at their own pace and on their own time. Ancora High School lets students start at any time with 24/7 access to classes.

Low-Cost Options

Online high school is also more budget friendly. To assist all students’ lifestyles, our online model is designed to fit every timeline, budget, and limitations. With low monthly payments and a pay-as-you-go approach, students can receive a well-rounded education without breaking the bank.

Vocational & Trade Schools

Vocational schools or trade schools, prepare students with technical training for a specific career. Commonly, technicians, mechanics, electricians, construction workers, and cosmetology careers involve training at vocational schools. In trade schools, learning is extremely hands-on. Unlike traditional schools that often teach theory, vocational schools teach you the tools of specific trades. They also feature a more rigid, fast-paced schedule. Since most vocational programs have a 2-year completion time, 5-day, 8-hour schedules are commonly utilized to maximize learning time. 

Earning Your GED

The General Education Development, or GED tests, are a group of exams that certify your high school education skills. In order to pass, each student must successfully complete the four Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science tests. There are multiple ways to gain experience and knowledge within each of the required subjects. Many students join a GED prep-program, either online or in-person. These programs are commonly two to three months long, and can allow for flexibility within select classes. Another option for students would be to study on their own through online books, practice questions, and mock tests. 

You may be wondering, ‘What’s the difference between a GED and a high school diploma?” Although both options are considered to be equivalents, a high school diploma is more highly regarded by employers and colleges. While a GED represents the completion of a 7-hour exam, a high school diploma represents the fulfillment of all required courses and credits. With a high school diploma, learned skills and subject knowledge are more transparently acquired by the student. 

Enroll in Online High School with Ancora

Are you ready to redefine your education? No matter your career goals, Ancora High School is ready to prepare you for your future. We’re mindful of the fact that our adult learners are frequently active in their careers, family life, or hold varying responsibilities – meaning life can’t stop for education. Because of this, our online programs are designed to break the mold of traditional course schedules and deadlines. Through our flexible, personalized learning environment, students are given the ability to earn their diploma on their time.

If you’re interested in finishing your high school education, visit our website or enroll in our online program to kick off your journey today.